Wow-ee, well if this Salted Caramel flavoured green tea isn’t a hug in a mug, I don’t know what is!

I love how Twinings are always exploring beyond the traditional teas and have something for everyone. So forget the fruity teas, here we have a none-too-traditional green tea with salted caramel flavouring. I love salted caramel and I was worried that this tea wouldn’t deliver. Boy, was I wrong!

The teabags come individually wrapped for freshness so you can take them to work or with you on the go. They also have the string and tag attached. I’ve always been captivated with the time and effort put in to construct these ‘posh’ teabags. I really appreciate the sentiment. These little touches really does makes every cup of tea that little more special.

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Taste and Aroma of Salted Caramel Green Tea

The dry teabag doesn’t smell much like salted caramel, but the aroma is amazing when you add the boiled water and let the tea steep. Close your eyes and you could believe you’re holding a delicious warm salted caramel muffin in your hands, ready to take a bite.

The colour is deep caramel and the flavour is mostly that of green tea but there’s a note of sweet caramel at the end, with not much saltiness. The aroma, though, is enough to forget that you’re drinking something good for you, and makes it seem down-right sinful (in all the best ways) with each teabag containing 0g of sugar!

Particularly, this brew is perfect for mid-mornings or early afternoons, or really anytime you’re craving something sweet. In addition, Twinings have managed to capture the familiar comforting flavour and made it into something good for you. What is seemingly an Autumn/Winter tea, I can see my self enjoying this in the Summer as an iced tea.

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Preparation: Steep teabag in boiled water for 2 minutes, but be careful not to lose the string into the tea. Then remove bag and drink warm, or let cool and serve over ice.

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