There’s nothing nicer than relaxing with a piping hot cup of milky tea and a few biscuits. Research shows that a quarter of Brits enjoy a daily dunk. Whether it’s cookies, Digestives or Custard Creams, we all have a favourite. Yorkshire Tea, made by Taylors of Harrogate, has combined two great elements into one tempting combination that is Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew.

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What makes it a Biscuit Brew?

The concept of a biscuit-flavoured tea seems a little bizarre, until you try it and then it all makes sense.

Have you ever dunked your way through half a packet of Rich Tea biscuits to then realise just how many biscuits you’ve eaten? You then, filled with guilt, begrudging close the pack but savor the last of your sweet, malty tea. That lingering malted biscuit flavour of the tea is exactly what Biscuit Brew is all about. This way, you will feel no remorse, with 0 calories and 0g sugar per cup.

Aroma and Flavour of Biscuit Brew

Black tea is the base ingredient in Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew, like most other traditional British brews. The ingredients list isn’t quite clear on what exactly makes the tea ‘biscuity’ and only states “natural flavourings”… Armed with this (lack of) information, I just had to investigate!

I opened a teabag, and among the tea leaves I found tiny, malt-scented pellets that dissolved quickly in hot water. My guess is that this is malt extract, which is of course a completely natural flavouring. This is extracted through the barley malting process. More on the malting process here.

The brewed tea (with a splash of milk) smells faintly of malt, black tea and notes of vanilla.

The flavour isn’t overwhelmingly malty but really does taste like you’ve dunked a few biscuits before taking a sip. It has a rather mellow flavour with a touch of sweet, which in my opinion make this a well rounded tea. That said, this might be enough to curb those mid-morning sugar cravings, for those partial to a biscuit or two… Or go on, enjoy a biscuit, no judgement here!

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Such a simple combination but bravo to Yorkshire Tea for concocting this. For my American visitors, if you’ve ever wondered what the appeal is of our tea and biscuits then you need to try this tea to get a truly authentic experience.

If you’re dieting, trying to cut back on your sugar intake, or just have a sweet tooth then I’d recommend this tea to you. But also, if you’re a regular biscuit dunker then please try this, I bet you won’t be disappointed. Click the link below to get your hands on Yorkshire Tea’s Biscuit Brew:

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