I think just about everyone has experienced those days where your mind is a little foggy. Whether it be forgetting to grab your lunch bag before heading off to work, or having difficulty grasping that word that’s just on the tip of your tongue. I get this a lot so I’m always on the look out for a silver bullet to all that forgetfulness. Queue Tetley’s Super Fruits, Exotic Fruits tea, Mind with added zinc, and see how I put it to the test.

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Close up of Tetley Super Fruits tea
Tetley Super Fruits Tea

Tetley have released some great new flavoured teas over the past few years. What was once a staple for the Great British institution of your everyday milk and 2 sugars kind of cuppa, has now become a big player in the specialty and herbal tea markets. Tetley even have a range of Cold Infusion teas that I can’t wait to get my hands on. But before all that, here is my take on Tetley’s Super Fruits, Exotic Fruit flavoured tea.

A Fine Selection of Teas

These Super Fruit teas were developed with certain aspects of your health in mind. There’s one to strengthen immunity, one for reducing fatigue, and even one to support heart health. All with intriguing flavour combinations, and I just love to find out about what different ingredients are beneficial for.

I prefer herbals, blacks and green teas, and I’ve never been one for hot fruity flavoured teas. Thats why I like to brew them up, then serve them over ice as iced tea, and a low-sugar substitute to fruit juice. It’s a neat way to stay hydrated and get all the goodness of tea.

Flavour and Aroma of Exotic Fruits Tea

So as I explained above, I opted for the Exotic Fruits flavour, with added zinc to maintain cognitive functioning. The teabags come in boxes of 20 individual bags. There are no strings and tags on these teabags and they are not individually wrapped, but the box can be resealed for storage.

The brewed infusion smells mostly of pineapple with a hint of citrus -that would be the pineapple, orange peel and grapefruit ingredients. The ingredients listed on the pack include hibiscus flowers, rosehip and chicory root but they are undetectable in the aroma and taste, in my opinion.

I am surprised to see liquorice root is listed as an ingredient. I don’t like liquorice root because I think it overpowers other flavours in combination teas. Not only that but it coats the tongue with a heavy saccharin flavour, that often makes it difficult to taste anything else. But I’m pleased to say it is completely unnoticeable in the infusion.

The tea brews to a lovely amber colour and upon the first sip I detected the acidity of pineapple and grapefruit mix which has that slight metallic taste on the tongue. Think sucking on a lemon, but more mellow and definitely more drinkable.

Tetley Super Fruits Exotic flavour tea, served hot with honey, orange and lemon
Prepping tea with honey, orange and lemon slices.

Fancy a hot beverage that’s a little more comforting? Follow this link to read all about Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea.

Let’s Put it to the Test

What better way to find out if the tea has any effect over my cognitive functioning than by setting myself, and the tea, a little challenge!

Over 3 days I subjected myself to a test involving an online Sudoku puzzle on Hard mode which differs every time you play. This was to see if the tea had any immediate effect on mental reasoning, logic and memory… All those things Sudoku is good for.

On day one, I started by consuming only water. Then around noon, I got to work on my first of 3 consecutive Sudoku puzzles. When completed I recorded the times and averaged them. The next day I consumed a mug of plain old instant coffee and repeated my test. On day three I started my day by brewing a cup of Tetley Super Fruits tea. My average times taken to complete the tests per day are as follows:

  • Day 1, water, average time: 39 minutes, 12 seconds
  • On day 2, coffee, average time: 32 minutes, 2 seconds
  • Then day 3, Tetley Super Fruits tea, average time: 29 minutes, 43 seconds

My results showed a reduced average time of around 10 minutes from day 1 to Day 3. Of course this isn’t definitive proof that the tea works miracles, and I would probably need to increase my sample size before I get my results published in any major scientific journal!

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I like to think that this tea has aided me in finding my way to a better functioning cerebrum. I will definitely be opting for a mugful of Exotic Fruits before any major job interviews or meetings, when concentration and reasoning is at its utmost important. The flavour is slightly acidic but very agreeable, and great served as a healthy fruit juice alternative. The choice of flavours and benefits is a huge selling point for me and I hope to purchase a few more soon. If you would like to purchase this tea, click the link below and it will take you to Amazon:

Preparation: Bring water to the boil, then leave to cool. To brew in a cup or mug, place one teabag and pour in boiled water. If brewing in teapot place one teabag per person and fill pot. If brewing for iced tea, I recommend using an infusion pitcher, like this one here. Place 2-3 tea bags in the infuser section and fill pitcher with freshly boiled water. Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes, remove tea bags and enjoy hot or leave to chill and serve over ice.