How many of you have burn scars on your hands, arms or face from using curling tongs and wands? Well fret no more, because I have the answer!

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Known as the Conair Fashion Curler in the U.S. and Canada, the Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity auto curler is one of those tools every girl (or guy) should have in their bag of tricks. This device takes the arm-ache and skin-scorching out hair styling.

To be honest, I’ve owned the Babyliss Curl Secret for about 2 years now and I use it only very occasionally. But when I do use it I get desired results every time as it doesn’t require a whole lot of practice or skill to master. In addition, it takes very little time to complete a look. This is what makes it such a delightful tool to use. When in a pinch, it’s good to know I have this styling option.

With the Babyliss Curl Secret, you must start with dry, clean hair, with no product. This is because residue could build up inside the curling mechanism over time which can’t easily be cleaned. You can blow dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally, whatever you prefer.

Below you will see best practices for use and the tools I use to complete my style.

Anatomy of the Babyliss Curl Secret

A look at the heat settings and power switch of the Babyliss Curl Secret
Heat Settings and Power Switch

Heat settings:

  • O = Off
  • I = 210 C/410 F
  • II = 230 C/446 F

To start turn the curlers on to your desired heat setting. I have very fine hair but I set it to heat setting II and have never had any disasters. My advice would be to start with the lower heat setting if you are using it for the first time.

When you turn it on, it will beep once, and after a minute it will beep twice to signal it has heated fully. During this time give your hair a comb through with the wide toothed comb or brush.

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The head mechanism of the Babyliss Curl Secret
Very Important Instructions

The device has a friendly reminder to use with only this side towards your head. Your hair may become tangled in the mechanism if you do not follow this advice, and that’s going to hurt!

The hair feed mechanism of the Babyliss Curl Secret
Babyliss Curl Secret Feed Mecahnism

Hold the hair straight and squeeze/clamp the curler head around the hair at the length you want the curl to start. This doesn’t have to be right at the scalp.

Make sure the hair is between the 2 ridges you can see in the picture above. Be sure to let go of the hair when you close to curlers around it.

What I use

Tools used to complete the look and hold your curls in place all day.
Tools you will need: Sectioning clips, wide toothed comb, metal tailed comb, Babyliss Curl Secret (of course), and hairspray to set.

Starting at the back of the head and working up, I used the metal tailed comb to roughly section off the hair into inch-squared size strands at the scalp. I clipped all my other hair out of the way. I couldn’t see what I was doing back there, but whenever I had curled one section I clipped it out of the way with a sectioning clip.

The mechanism will pull the hair in. Don’t be scared, it’s not going to rip your hair out. At the beginning you may have to do a bit of experimenting and detangling until you find the appropriate amount of hair to feed in. The curlers will sound a series of beeps if it senses a tangle has occurred, or too much hair has been inserted.


To do this: release the handle, remove strand, comb, split in half and retry. Remember to clip the curled sections away from the section you are working on.

The Babyliss Curl Secret will beep 5 times and then do 4 short beeps signalling that you should release the handle. Don’t want tight curls? That’s ok, release to handle after 3 beeps for soft waves, or after 4 beeps for looser curls. Continue with remaining hair. When finished comb through with the wide toothed comb or brush to break up the curls, spritz with hair spray and there you have it.

My Results

Pictures of before and after I used the Babylis Curl Secret.
Here is my hair before and after using the Babyliss Secret Curl auto curler.
Free vector art via

As you can see my hair is thin and fine with a natural wave at medium length. It usually doesn’t hold curls very long without copious amounts of product, but then it looks heavy and unwashed. With the Babyliss Curl Secret all I need is a fine mist of hairspray at the end and the curls stay in place.

A picture of me with curled hair
A view from the front


I really like the Babyliss Curl Secret. Looking at it critically in order to write this review has reminded me why I should use it more. It’s super easy to operate and you really can’t get it wrong, even if you’re a complete novice at hair styling like me.

The curls and the volume it gives my hair lasts until the next wash. They do become a little looser, as expected, but retain the added volume. No other heated styling tools I’ve tried last that long in my hair.

Using this curler doesn’t cause my arms to ache from twisting and holding, which is an added bonus. Best of all, the heating element is enclosed within the device so there’s less risk of burns. Be careful with the just-curled hair though, as it will be hot!

So, for these reasons, I would recommend this to anyone with medium to long hair. For shorter styles I don’t think it could get enough traction on the hair to pull it into the mechanism. If you want to try it out for yourself click the link below to shop at Amazon.

Thank you for reading.